• Participation in The Great Indian Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Contest is free!
  • Maximum mark allocated is 20 marks.
  • Products will be judged based on the following : Appearance – Body – Texture – Flavor – Melting
  • Participants will compete and challenge their creativity across six exciting categories – Standard Vanilla Ice Cream, Standard Vanilla Frozen Dessert, Best Chocolate, Kool Kids, Most Innovative and Sorbet
  • Only ONE (1) submission per category from one organization.
  • Should there be less than three (3) organizations competing in a category, that category will be cancelled.
  • For each category you register, we will send you containers for sending us the sample. However, you may choose to use your own container for Kool Kids, Most Innovative and Sorbet categories.
  • Please submit three (3) samples for Standard Vanilla, Best Chocolate and Sorbet. For Kool Kids and Most Innovative, please submit total of three (3) samples of up to sixty (60) pieces each if, submission is less than 200ml/unit.
  • The samples should be of standard overrun and properly hardened before dispatch.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that their samples submitted reaches in the ‘right’ condition to us, preferably in a thermocol box with sufficient dry ice.
  • A Production Description Sheet with list of ingredients must be submitted together with each entry.
  • All product submissions should be commercially marketable with the exception of Most Innovative.
  • Rules of how award titles can be used or displayed:
    • Award titles can be used on the packaging and advertising
    • The DuPont Oval and DuPontTM Danisco® logo cannot be used without prior consultation
  • Participants are not permitted to comment on other products or participants.
  • The panel of judges reserves the right to disqualify an entry.
    Award Categories Description:
    1. Standard Vanilla Ice Cream: Ice cream as per FSSAI specification containing vanilla flavor and milk fat between 10.5 to 12 percent.
    2. Standard Vanilla Frozen Dessert: Frozen dessert as per FSSAI specifications containing vanilla flavor and fat between 10.5 to 12 percent.
    3. Best Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream as per FSSAI specification with fat content in the range of 10.5 to 12 percent.
    4. Kool Kids: Ice cream/ frozen dessert/ ice candy/ milk ice prepared keeping kids segment as target consumers
    5. Most Innovative: Ice cream/ frozen dessert/ ice candy/ milk ice in an inventive style. Submitted samples will be judged on the basis of product idea, appearance, body, texture and flavor. A maximum of 40 percent weightage is attributed towards product idea.
    6. Sorbet: Water ice containing fruit pulp